What problems does CONTENIVE solve?

CONTENIVE solves many problems, both in business and personal life. Starting with a trivial reduction of time to work and ending with help in complex aspects of SMM activities. So, what problems does CONTENIVE solve?

  •  Time

CONTENIVE analyzes trends for you, chooses the publications’ style, adheres to the theme of business, analyzes any changes in the social network accounts, and draws conclusions based on the analysis. You need not spend sleepless nights analyzing trends and different social networks to torture yourself with the question: “What to do next? It is better to spend this time with your family or develop the business.

  • Resources

Not all businesses start with high capital, but not everyone with abundant resources succeeds. Any way of ordering accounts in social networks is expensive, from freelancers to SMM agencies. That’s why CONTENIVE is good for both beginners and experienced businesses because CONTENIVE is not expensive and is a competent future investment.

  • Order instead of chaos

Sometimes, chaos helps creativity, but when your browser is full of tabs or bookmarks, it’s hard to navigate through it all. Or maybe you can’t remember the password to your tenth account in one of the services? That’s why all of CONTENIVE’s services and tools are located exclusively on one site, where you only need to register once. Analytics, content validation, and communication with CONTENIVE staff can be discovered and implemented with just one click on a function.

  • Image selection

Not uncommon when you must search for a suitable image for a few hours or try to make it yourself, spending more time on it, and the result is not encouraging, although the image in the SMM industry is an important enough part. But there is nothing to fear; CONTENIVE has professional graphic designers who will create exactly the image that is just right for the post—also written by professional copywriters.

  • Not getting along with technology

Many people, even in our time, sometimes find it difficult to cope with some technology or information. While they may be highly qualified specialists, there is nothing wrong with that, it is impossible to cope with everything and everywhere. And for this, too, was created CONTENIVE, which will carefully explain everything, and 99.9% of the work for you will do professionals and artificial intelligence, the 0.1% you need to do – is to register in CONTENIVE.

  • Control

With business, control is important enough, and SMM is also a part of business that needs to be controlled. When a third party takes over SMM, such as freelancers or an agency, there is a possibility of losing control over something, spending more than was calculated, publishing unsuitable content, and receiving information less.

In CONTENIVE, it is much easier. Here, the service is one and the sum is fixed, all the work is completely transparent, the client can evaluate the content before it is published, and you can look at all the analytics at any convenient moment.

Most problems that any business owner may face when confronted with the SMM industry are easily solved because CONTENIVE is the solution!

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