Why is tractor insurance important for farmers?

The insurance requirement varies greatly depending on the farm – especially when it comes to the vehicle fleet. Regardless of whether it is a tractor, compact tractor or other farming machines – we have the right protection for you. Because: a mishap happens quickly. After the work is done, the width of the tractor drives you against a lamp or when maneuvering there is a collision with a vehicle. In some cases, the costs are immense. With the Insuranks tractor insurance you are on the safe side.

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The Insuranks vehicle insurance for agricultural tractors not only covers tractors, combine harvesters, caterpillar tractors and other agricultural vehicles, but also the attachments (e.g. plows) attached to them. That means: we also have the right offer for all other agricultural machinery.

What benefits does tractor insurance offer?

Liability insurance covers damage that the vehicle driver causes to third parties through the use of the tractor. The legislator provides for minimum amounts of coverage within the framework of the statutory vehicle insurance. However, the insurers offer a different, significantly better-designed insurance protection.

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In most cases, however, an accident does not just mean damage to third parties. Your own vehicle is usually also damaged. In this case, the insurance cover can be extended to include fully comprehensive coverage. The third party insurance offer insurance for tractors, of course, also. If you want to be on the safe side, you can add so-called repair cost insurance to the policy .Insure a tractor as a classic car.

One or the other tractor fan has an old restored tractor in the garage. The good piece is no longer used in the field. Nevertheless, it must be insured if it is moved outside of your own property.

If tractor insurance has become too expensive for you, there are several ways you can save money. If you want to change the insurer, you have to cancel by the end of November.

You can save several hundred euros on your vehicle insurance for tractors. So check your contracts.

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