cTrader Review 2021 – Is this Trading Platform Suitable for You?

cTrader is not that new thing in the industry of trading foreign exchange, but still, people are a bit shy before using it. Perhaps you are also one of them. If you are, this article is perfect for you because it will show you every useful information you should know about the cTrader platform. So, let’s get straight into it:

What is cTrader?

Before determining whether cTrader is made for you and your trading style, you must know what cTrader is. Right?

cTrader is a trading platform just like MT4 and MT5, but it is something different from them. It was first introduced and launched by cTrader Limited that is a London-based company. cTrader is something different, and the best thing about cTrader is that you can trade with ECN brokers with this platform.

Initially, it was launched with FxPro, and from its launch, it has been ruling those traders who love to trade with ECN brokers. With cTrade, you can trade with many ECN brokers, including, Pepperstone, Liquid Markets, and Admiral Markets.

If you are still thinking that why cTrade was even created, then you must know that it is specially created and designed to fulfill two main functions:

  • Charting
  • Execution of Trades

cTrade, MT4, and MT5 Trading Platforms – Which One is Good For you?

If you are worried about selecting a trading platform that you should use for your trading, you should read the below section at least twice. If you are a beginner, it is more difficult to determine your trading platform or software. 

Because as a  beginner, you don’t know that much about every trading platform. That is why we have done all of the work for you, and here are our results:

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Design and Layout

When we talk about designing and layout, MT5 and MT4 are pretty similar to each other because the same company launches them. So, perhaps they used the same designer for this task. If you look at the software, at first glance, you must notice that this design is pretty similar to Window 98. There are some other things for you, like white and grey windows, that also refer to old Window design.

But the case of cTrade is truly different because it is pretty new compared to MT4 and MT5 platforms. So, its design is so modern, and I would say difficult to understand.   

Hence, designing is pretty easier than MT4 and MT5, but cTrade is difficult as it looks more like a modern trading platform. IF you are an expert, you will feel no problem using cTrade, but for those who have used Window 98, MT4 and MT5 are better.

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Automatic Trading

When talking about automatic trading, all of them offers this feature but with different names. MT5 and MT4 trading platforms offer automatic trading with Expert Advisor for tasks like technical analysis of price data. 

But in the case of cTrade, you can do more tasks automatically, so here we can say that cTrade is a bit better than MT4 and MT5.

Final Words

Now, compare your trading strategies with cTrade and see whether it is good for you or not. 

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